Monday, May 31, 2004

Blind Leading the Blind

I was walking on Prince Street in SoHo behind a blind couple today. They were walking side by side and they walked towards a cafe. The blind man sped up and opened the door, the blind woman walked through then, he kept the door open for me to walk though. When they were led to their table, he pulled out her chair and she sat down then, he sat down. It was a sight to see.
fake it or take it

I never got why girls would fake an orgasm. In doing so, you lead your partner to believe that whatever he is doing is working; you perpetuate the unrewarding performance. But then there's this...if you don't fake it, the brutality persists. By faking it. you put an end to it. I guess it's kind of like giving candy to a kid to shut them up, not the suggested discipline but quick and effective.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Life: family, friends, school, job and, oh yeah, boys.

A hiatus from the blog is a good thing, it means that I'm living my life rather than writing about I hope. As usual, the absence for the past month means that some stuff actually happened.

Let's came into town, we ate, slept, shopped, yelled, popped into a graduation, oh yeah, graduation happened. "How was it?" you ask? Don't know, I fell did's on tape...a shot of me with my cap in my lap and the sound of momma Jun breathing peaccefully. Some highlights of her trip: she kept swiping the Metro Card and then stood still, waiting for the metal bar to rise- people behind her weren't so kind at those moments. Took her to a couple of shmancy resaurants and her favorite eat in NY was pizza. Instead of lighting a candle at St. Pat's, she blew one out. Finally, in the middle of the night she got up and went downstairs and asked the people outside the bar to please quiet down...and they did. Good things...

What else? Got a gig in a restaurant. Yep, now I really do it all, I serve, I shake, I pour, I carry, I've spilled, I've fallen, I've broken (glasses)...I'm the hostess with the mostess. And to think, my college advisor thought it not be crucial to go back to school. Mom's really proud too,

"So now, you have a masters?"
"And now you work in a restaurant?"
"You're not coming back home, are you?"
"Yes." *grin*

You know, I hate posts like these where it feels more like a laundry list of past events but then, if I don't memo the highlights (yes, sadly these are the highlights) then, well, all I've written about is boys and 1o years from now I'd like to be able to reflect on other aspects of my life. So, what more non-boy related events or thoughts could I blab about? Hmmm... Great, now I have writers block. I fold.

The question of if I have met anyone in NY is a common one when talking to girlfriends back home and in light of my upcoming visit back home, it's a question that I will inevitably face. It's sad, right? I've been living in The City of the world for almost a year. I've finished school. I'm on the brink on initiating a career. Yet, it is the only guaranteed question. So then, perhaps, girls perpetuate each other's stresses and heartaches about boys. I think I will return and ask my friends who have bf's how they are individually instead of asking how their relationship is?" Then, maybe I'll ask my single girlfriends about their jobs, atkins and new hot that we can go meet some boys *roll eyes*. I fold.