Wednesday, April 27, 2005


In only a month a routine has been established. I have morning coffee people, three in fact, a gal needs options, the street vendor, "Joe," the sweet lady at Au Bon Pain and the punk kid at Starbucks (saying 'punk kid' ages me, doesn't it?). Then, there's the Metro New York free paper guy at the base of the subway. Upon arriving to work, Ray awaits, the 68 year old flirting security guard and finally, Alexandra, the always-on-the-phone but buoyant greeter receptionist, who finally stopped calling me Cindy.

By the time I get to my desk, I have smiled and greeted almost a handful of people. These are the people I will see most during the week. These are potentially the people I can rely on seeing for a long time. So long as no one quits, finds a new street corner, gets fired, decide to stock the morning paper in a news bin, retire, or start telemarketing, I am in a commited relationship. A good one too. There are no conflicts and I would bet that it stays problem-free, perhaps I could have a chat with Joe and the amount of sugar he puts in a "regular," but aside from that, they will always be there for me. I just wonder if they're seeing other people.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Talking is Overrated

Girls are always telling each other to communicate more to the boys, "tell him how you feel," "express your concern," "be open and honest with him." Ummm...okay, that all sounds fair...but here's my thought, don't. I know they say that guys need directness, that they can't read between the lines. They read the text, they don't analyze it. Are we sure? They seem to get a lot of other subtext.

"I have an early day tomorrow" after a one off translates to
"thank you for services rendered, please watch your step on your way out" and that message is seems to always be well-received as they're getting dressed.

Even when they ask for you phone number and you turn it around with, 'Why don't you give me yours." It's palpable by the look on their face that they get that it was a polite let down.

And certainly when it's positive feedback, they get it. "Would you like to come up for tea?" Yeah, they get that they're getting it.

"Meet my parents," whether or not they want to get it, they get that things are advancing.

So you see, they aren't as dense and oblivious as we believe. Why is it that we can make a mere sggestion to guys on certain matters and they completely comprehend and in other cases, they need it print, even braile? So, it's not that I'm passive or inexpressive, it's that I assume they get it.

Friday, April 22, 2005


The moment of clarity hits for me when they go to the bathroom. I lay there waiting for the one I was with to return...then it hits, I have only a few minutes to decide whether or not to scurry around for the bra, pull the hair back, lace up and arrange his clothes neatly where he would be laying if it weren't for his clothes tipping him to get dressed, or to fluff the pillow and lay invitingly. A lot can happen while a guy takes a wizz.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


The girl in the cubicle next to me has a planned parenthood appointment next week and has hired a dog-walker. I can hear all her calls. Thus far, work has been not much work. I think they forgot about me. I feel like Ron Livingston in Office Space or Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. I have 42 pads of post-its. How many do you have?

They say to enjoy the honeymoon period. Eventually they'll find their way through the labyrinth of an office and conquer the maze of cubes to find me...with a cup between my ear and the carpeted partition listening to my neighbor call her vet.