Tuesday, September 21, 2004

life is fair

It is assumed that a relationship, by nature, is restrictive. As part of a duo, one must ignore temptations and repress certain desires. One must even regularly consult, confirm and coordinate with their other. However, I would like to recognize the repressions of not being in a relationship.

Lately, my friends have been calling frequently with tales of romantic woes. Their love quarrels got me to realize that I don't recall the last time I had drama with a fellow. At the outset, one might consider this to be a good thing. I suppose. Unforunately, that can't be an absolute sentiment. I realize that what I'm about to say proves all theories about what a total girl a girl can be but I can't fight the ideology. I miss the drama. I haven't reached a level of intimacy and closeness with a guy deep enough for me to sincerely express my true thoughts, feelings and so on. It takes a while before two people can pass the, what I term, 'polite period,' or 'courtesy conversation.'

Thus, there are repressions in a single gal's life. Even for those that are dating. Until you are in that elusive, exclusive situation with another, there are certain releases that are restricted until further notice. All is fair in love and no love.

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