Friday, August 26, 2005

Today to Tomorrow

Today, I hit my favorites.

No agenda, laundry done, patio cafe lunch and a Venti Iced Americano traveling with me from Central Park South to West Broadway. I lied. I do have one obligation for the day, an appointment for a mani/pedi at Bliss. Another favorite.

Sugar scone from Patisserie on Spring & Lafeyette.

Chai tea from Hampton Chutney on Spring & Lafeyette.

(Not in too many cities could you get two seemingly hand-in-hand delights from two completely different stores but on the same block).

Summer clearance/fall preview sales all over the city.

The invention of "short" sizes for pants.

Cloth shopping bags.

Sunglasses that stay on your head firmly and hold your bangs back.

Art galleries with no one in them.

The great roomy bench in between Ralph Lauren and Anthropolgie.

The restrooms at Crate & Barrel. A friend of mine discovered it, it is the hidden jem of public restrooms avail anywhere and this one is always open and always clean.

Washington Square performers...except for the magician...I don't care for the magician. He juggles ocassionally, but it still doesn't do it for me.

Toe separators, they're super funny looking.

Coming home to an empty house. This is an all time favorite. In fact, it's the favorite part of my day...everyday. I wonder if it will ever end. This idea both excites and frightens me. There's a possibility that one day I will walk through a door and have to speak, "Hi, I'm home." Dropping everything and taking all my clothes off and sitting al fresco in front of my laptop can't be done. Rather it'll be about...

Shopping on both sides of the store, men's and women's. Buying two scones, one to bring for home for the mister. Making a call just to say hello from a bench. Having someone educate me on the oil swirls on a canvas. Skipping the magic show to scurry home to cook dinner together. I should enjoy right now while I can...and eat that second scone while my toes are drying.