Sunday, July 09, 2006

country air

Returning from his cousin's wedding, it was your traditional lakeside, conga-line, fish or filet, pin-curled bridesmaids, not enough caffeine in the coffee, summer wedding. Followed by a day in his hometown, we spent the weekend in Connecticut.

In the three years I've been here I've changed my mind about zip codes, men, jobs and hair styles. Yet, I've always maintained that I would now and forever be a city person. Time being, I still uphold the declaration however, I do enjoy the country air.

The ease of personal transportation. One main road. One market. One gas station. Waves of hello as you walk through town because you were in the same class. Parents still stay in tune with how the high-school football team is doing who's getting married and who's had kids. First kisses lead to honeymoons and class reunions are every weekend at the local tavern. The only noise is the steady rotary of a lawn mower. Garage doors are left open in trust and only screens are necessary at night allowing summer grass breezes to flow in. Actual blueberry pies sit on window sills and lemons are hand-crushed for refreshment. Dogs are leashlessly trained to stay on the property and hammocks hang still.

Inhaling pine and silence, this city gal slept well.