Tuesday, October 28, 2003

B & B at C.C.’s

Looks like I’m open for business again…wait, probably not a wise statement by someone named Candy. What I mean is that my side business of a bed and breakfast has re-opened at its new location, NY. Sure, there isn’t much breakfast since now, my refrigerator is stocked with menus.

Been here two months and have already had 3 visitors and 5 more to go. People have said, “Wow, Candy you must be really popular.” It’s funny how much your popularity increases when you get a place in NYC. The burning question is, had I moved to Boise, Idaho, would I still need to put out clean towels biweekly? Actually, I take that back, Boise has stuff to offer. What if I had moved to Mobile, Alabama?

Yes, they’re a pain the ass. Constantly, asking me if I know how to get to places. What to do, where to eat, how to get back home…like I know, right? It’s been like the blind leading the blind. Friends frustrated with my map illiteracy, the weather (in their defense, it does quite suck), and the lack of hot boys, so they say.

Well, as far as the past week, I don’t have much of a rebuttal, no sweets for the eyes. But not all was bad in fact, had we found some cuteness, we may have not had the unforgettable NY experience we did. It is the search of boys that is quality time amongst girls, by getting to know what your girlfriend seeks in a guy you gain the comfort of knowing that you will never fight over the same guy. By getting lost, we were able to walk and talk 5 (or 50) extra blocks. And, by being weak Cali-weather spoiled girls, we were obliged to stay in, out from the nasty dewy rain, and whine and dine over the lack of cute boys while flipping through countless menus.

The hotel is vacant now. No occupancy reserved until next month. Unexpectedly, I find myself a feeling alone...and mind you, I have lived alone for some time now and this is unfamiliar territory. I have always maintained that my favorite part of the day is coming home to a quiet empty house. Strange, I kind of miss having my girl waiting for me with Indian, Japanese and Mexican cuisine, “I couldn’t decide, she chuckles.” *cute* Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t move to Alabama.