Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Wine and Whine

Buzzed. Again. I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’ve had to drink a little to get to sleep. This is nothing new for a former insomniac. Yet, it is new when you have to drunk dial friends back in California.

So, I have been sipping wine and sniffling tears. It’s been three months in NY and already so much has happened. So many hellos and almost as many goodbyes.

I have yet to establish a set group of trusted friends, correction, girl friends. I have been blessed to have had the same circle of the greatest girls for almost a decade now. I have often debated whether or not I was missing out for not belonging to a more balanced, coed group of friends. I now have the answer. No, I never felt a void for lacking platonic male companions. However, I DO feel the emptiness of not having a group of just the girls. Granted, any potential girl I meet will ever measure up to my girls back home; nonetheless, I'm a girl’s girl. I need girl friends.

I miss 7 girls wripping apart a closet to get ready for a night out. I miss drinking, dancing and dining with them. Particularly the latter, I miss the Jack in the Box drive thru’s. *sniffle* I miss them making fun of the guy I was talking to at the club. I miss giving them shit for spending the whole night talking to a gorgeous gay guy. I even miss the drama. Ahh, the drama. Moved 5000 miles to get away from it only to learn that it was that that made us last. How triumphant we have been given the tears and guys we have shed ;) Fortunately, I have also met people to appease the forlornness. People that have distracted the isolation with laughter, conversation, pearls and twirls at Suede, boy bashing at Cafeteria, walking over bridges, salsa and Salsa, great burgers a la Blue 9, and parties in your mouths.