Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Grand Gesture

Girls expect romance more than guys. This is true. Which, in turn, means that a guy has a duty that girls are freed of. (Mark the date of this entry, I believe I am in rescue for the fellas).

I was talking to a guy the other day and we were discussing creative, romantic gestures, including marriage proposals. Some sweet tales were exchanged. Days later, I realize that all the stories were things that a GUY has done/could do. *Scratch forehead* Why there were no stories of how a woman has proposed is understandable- traditionally, it hasn’t happened much. Okay, so be it. But why?

When a guy performs the grand gesture, it is considered romantic, when a girl does it, it is often looked upon as foolishly audacious. This doesn’t have to apply to only marriage proposals, it can include other grand gestures such as professing one’s love, demonstrating desire, initiating a reconciliation, et al. A woman says “I love you” and sometimes, it is uneasily received. A woman initiates sex and often, she is labeled easy. A woman asks for a guy back and, she may be considered needy.

So, is this worse for the guy, being stuck with plentiful duties in the romance department or, for the girl, restricted from acting upon thoughts/feeling?

Well, if guys were obliged to a little less and girls initiated a little more, then maybe a shift in balance will occur, leading people to be able to act in accordance to their wishes. How nice would it be for a guy to get chocolates on Valentines and for a girl to be able to call a in the middle of the night (with no judgment ;)