Thursday, January 15, 2004

Same old, same old…some new, some new

So, I decided that I couldn’t brave the cold nor, the separation from family and friends for winter break, so rather than a white Christmas this year, I headed west for a sunny Christmas.

Having gone to college half an hour away from home, it never felt like I went ‘home for the holidays.’ This time around, it did. It was great to get behind the wheel again and to retire the metro card for a few weeks, walk around sans scarf, gloves and face-mask. It was nice to see familiar faces, it was nice to know some faces you don’t have to see anymore and yes, it was even nice to be with family. Some friends are now in relationships, living with boyfriends and two dear friends are *gasp* engaged. Yes, they are my age *roll eyes*. And some are now single *grin*. No, this isn’t an evil smirk, it’s a ‘yay, they’re coming out of the couple cove and going to party with me’ smile.

The scene in San Francisco hasn’t changed much. This is both comforting (to know that home will always be home) and disconcerting at the same time (that some things should evolve…quickly).

Between a ski trip to Tahoe, drinks with my girls, still wanting to party after 2am, pleasant encounters with boys I wish I had met in NY instead of SF, boys I could have been fine with not meeting at all, fights and hugs with my mom, begging to borrow my brother’s car, “I missed you’s” and “come visits” it was a nice holiday season. To that end, I will say, I miss loved ones dearly but I sure am lucky to be where I’m at.