Monday, February 02, 2004

It’s in his kiss

Can the order proceed as such: kiss then, attraction? I find myself in unfamiliar territory for whenever physical intimacy occurs, it is usually anticipated and/or predicted (willingly or not).

Take the kiss, for example, when that hopeful lean is taken and eyes shut and lips finally meet, there were signs leading up to it. If it was anticipated, the exhilaration engulfs your entire being. If it was not wished for, well, it’s just bad.

But, what if you’re caught off guard? Completely not expecting it. Not because there was no attraction but because there were no indicative signs leading up to it such as, spending the entire night bickering and bantering about nothing and everything. Then, suddenly, a kiss from nowhere and you’re stuck in a moment of puzzlement? Only to piece together that whatever it was, it kind of shook you to your core. Then, the moment clarifies into a moment of where did that come from, and when will it come again?