Sunday, February 15, 2004

Small Hearts in the Big Apple

The attitude on dating, sex and relationships is a common one in New York- the first two are acceptable, the latter is not. At least this is the belief of most singles in New York. I am not casting doubt on the favored sentiment of a single, free life. Inarguably, there are benefits that cannot be gained if “with other.” One major sacrifice is sacrifice. One must forego their favorite bad music, watch Sex and the City with abrupt channel changes to ESPN, and get used to the idea that a toilet seat no longer has a cover.

So yes, there are losses when “with other” but are there also gains? Sure, otherwise why would people do it...right? Yet, the once-desired security, stability and settlement are being replaced by the sought of freedom, “friendship” and…well, sometimes the other f. This is what most toasted to on Valentine’s Day. I had my first Valentine’s in NYC and it was an interesting experience, to say the least. Many sneered it as a day of contrived romance and others scoffed at the ones that succumbed to Hallmark’s propaganda. I was a part of this group. It was not necessarily out of bitterness but because red roses aren’t my fave and I can eat fine chocolates any day of the year.

So then, in today’s time, is it simply cool to be anti-relationship? The single movement has taken such a toll that it has surpassed a state of trend and now is a state of mind; this is definitely the case for the city of New York. The non-committal and frivolous behavior was present and accounted for on this red and pink day. Inhibitions lowered as more approached the anonymous, smiles flashed across the parallel lines at men’s and women’s restrooms, and even the elusive offer of a drink was extended. These practices are easier than getting that reservation at Nobu, hunting down shriveled roses at the last minute and buying chocolates at the cost of a round of drinks for all your friends.
In this regard, it is easier to be single. Independence comes naturally, it is co-dependence that is a challenge, a challenge that most are not up for. Good, bad? Progressive, regressive? "Hmmm..."