Saturday, February 07, 2004

Can’t have it all

Okay, I realize what I'm about to say makes me a bit of a freak but I must pose the question. What’s the point of having a great kiss if that’s all there is? I know, I know, how dare I think that the physical element be combined with…oh I don’t know emotional, mental stuff.

Okay, the kiss...there was something about it. Something about it was so familiar, comfortable and well, irresistible. It usually takes me a while to learn a new kiss but this...this was effortless. And now here comes the cream pie. Although, it's not what you think. The kiss is still good, real good. Yet, it is what precedes it and follows it that is not equitable. I'm starting to get the whole "with emotion" thing. You can have a great kisser and nothing else or you can have a bad kisser and if everything else is there, you'll actually want to learn a new kiss.

So, I guess the physical stuff loses. The other crap wins. This is even harder.