Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fall 2004 Schedule

What if I end up serving one of my students a milkshake? What if I am an intern with them? ...

I've been back in NY for almost 3 weeks and in that time I've discovered a way to make money, hone my public speaking skills, all hopefully without any spills (sometimes I think the rhymes help). Waitricing in a fast paced diner (where the wait staff waits to be discovered by some acting/modeling agent), teaching a course in public relations (talk about 'those who can't do teach') and interning for the PR group with what I believe to be mecca, the Gucci Group.

I've come to accept that the perfect job is unattainable for me right now. Rather, the perfect combination will have to suffice. Am I excited? You bet your ass. Coffee Shop has a cool vibe, Marymount Manhattan College is close to home and Gucci not made in Seoul, Korea all tickle my fancy. Am I scared? You bet your ass I am. Waitricing is hard work, hard work that I haven't done since...*scratch forehead* hmmm...I'm sure there was a time. I'm also scared of entering a classroom where the students are wondering if I should be a part of the class rather than in front of it and most importanly, I'm worried that my coach bag will be frowned upon at Gucci.

*Exhale* I just hope that I don't show up to class with an apron on.

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