Monday, July 26, 2004

New York> San Francisco> San Diego> Los Angeles> Las Vegas> San Francisco> Los Angeles and finally back to New York
At glance, the legs of this tour could pass for a rock star.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary Duff and Ashlee Simpson were jealous…and they should be.

What happened this summer and what didn’t?

Playing poker while drinking mint tea while listening to Erasure while watching the Simpsons is something I didn’t get to do. 
Climbing the corporate ladder is something I did get to do yet, I ended up jobless.
I tried to make a New York friend in San Francisco.
Although, I did get to go sunning…I went tanning too ;)

In sum, I am a 25 year old who had the summer of an 18 year old which means lots of fun in the sun, clubs and bars, seeing hometown friends and making new ones.  It also means that I have the checking account of an 18 year old but some things are just worth it.

I wish I could graciously thank those individuals that provided me with comfort and security by letting me know that they’ll always be there for the rough times and, clearly, the good times.  This is all I can say:

Hwangsta + La Scala + = text message delights (did we really go speed dating???)
Skims: you, me, Marlboros, jamba (someone should tell us that we’re not Winona and Ethan) plus men’s nikes + knitted camis + boxers + Togos= laughing and lagging. 
J.So- thanks for the Japanese delectables but you should know that I go there for a certain Korean delectable *yum* C. Factory wing women unite! (then split ;)
Bobo- Fine, fine, fine…board games aren’t gay.  Only a true friend pulls pork. Thanks for the shopping (bag).
Jeanette: did you notice that I was gone?  I’m not at the loft, not at the beach, I’m not even at the Bruin bookstore.  Hey, thank your mom for the blanket.
Lora, the olsen sisters never looked so good in a box...prolly never shat so much either.
Karen- you got wasted and I piggy’d your ass to hail a cab…I’d bet I’d have to walk less for a yellow car in NY ;)
Lisa- good arm you got there.  Two girls in Marc Jacobs batting around, that’s golden.

So, now I’m back…contrary to popular belief, I truly am.  I know I’m back because I can’t tell if I’m dripping sweat or rain.  It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s Korea.  Damn, there must be something about this place to keep me from all my hussies, I hope I find whatever it is soon, otherwise, “Candy’s home part XXIV” in the not too distant future.

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