Friday, March 31, 2006

i love getting presence

The best kind of surprise is presence. I attended a book reading tonight and I threw out an invite to the suitor thinking he'd skip. I go to 'mix' and there he is. I like the feeling of proximity to him. Even if we're mixing with others, it feels warm to know he's around. When he's not in sight, my eyes dart around the room. I shoot for casual but I'm sure it reads. Head fixed, eyeballs bouncing. When he returns from the bathroom, I feel relieved. Even if we're with smoozing with others, which we always are. He's great at that. I'm great at that. We're way too great at that. I always think we should be a text message commercial. He's chatting it up with some elder who wants to set him up with their daughter and I'm chatting with the bartender. Simultaneously sending messages: she says I look like her daugher's ex-boyfriend. I reply: the bartender says you look like his ex-boyfriend. Sometimes it's fun to not be with him when you're with him.