Tuesday, May 16, 2006

floating tv's

For advertisers today's a big day. Upfront market opened this morning. In a frenzy that's comparable to the NYSE, commercial time for the major networks will be bought for the 2006/7 primetime schedule. This means networks introduce their potentially biggest shows- dropping names like Perry, Peet, Goldblum and Baldwin. However, for the first time, advertisers are in the up-position due to all the choices. Networks will try not to lose potential advertisers to online, video-on-demand and cellphones. This effort will be met by no-so-subtle methods. Banners will flash across the bottom screen urging television audiences to get online and download other episodes and the show's soundtrack off iTunes.

Upon first thought, the idea is off-putting. Beyond distaste, it's enough to want to turn the channel...to another banner. I don't want to see floating signage across the bottom of my screen. I need to be able to see all of Dr. Sheperd and Jack. Both Jacks. But we, as an audience, get used to new ways of entertainment all the time. We accept musicals on dvd's, shows on our iPods, audio books and missed Idols online. Each time that I think an idea won't fly, it takes off, on planes, with seats that play movies on the back of them.