Monday, July 14, 2003

Merry Go Round?

Libidinal follies create chaotic mental traffic in the aftermath. Thoughts honk at each other, crossing paths, no palpable path is in view. Lights flash in efforts to admonish signs of hope. Route taken is retraced to ferret out the erroneous turn. Once located, the awry hook is further blundered by gyratory spins. Final rotations are plenary before succumbing to the need and moreover, desire to embark on a new manifested kismet of a kiss. A kiss that will lead to an all too familiar epicurean quandary of a phrenic cordon orbiting its vicious cycle. Round and round we go...

If we know we're going in circles and are certain of a lack of destination, why do we keep going? The aimless route is a road often traveled. A "for instance" would be good here. In gambling, it is said that it the house wins. Knowing that the game is designed in favor of the house, why do we still play? For "fun"? Is it fun to play a losing battle? As a dog that heedlessly spins around in chase of his tail, do we do the same in life, in love, in goods and bads? Can it be equated to a wayward drive? Is this such our days, our nights?