Saturday, March 20, 2004

Club Codes

A couple of observations about clubs/bars I have believed for a while...and apparently, still do...

Ask yourself, is the $7 drink worth a 7 minute conversation? I figure it like this, if a guy offers you a drink, you're obliged to chat with the fella at least until you finish your drink. It may make for better times to treat yourself.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the "Night at the Roxbury," dancing while earnestly scoping out the scene, scouting for some eye treats. Like the studs from the Roxbury, at that point I'm so preoccupied I just look like a bodily twitch to the music.

When a girl tells a guy that she can't hang out anymore because of her friend, i.e. "I would love to get another round of drinks but I better see what's up with my friend," or "Heading to another bar sounds great but I think my friend wants to head home" it's usually code for I'm politely separating from you. Sure, it's courteous to check in with your partner in a crime but not during game time, we wait for halftime and if we want to play overtime, we don't need to ask for permission.

wow...I need a hobby.