Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Nikki's Hickies

What to say about Miami? Here are the trigger notes: Ocean's Ave., Collins' clubs, NIKKI BEACH :)>, Delano, Cafe News flash, pizza huddle, fresh Mynt, poisoned Opium...

Sightings: Puff Diddy, Lenny Kravitz (y'all 'member the video with the towel scene? well, the camera does not lie), Paris and beau Nick, J.C. sans Tara, and Korea representing at WMC with Park Jin-Yong.

Shortage of: Patrons, suntain oil, TOWELS, hotel keys ;) shrimp cocktails, mussels.

Abundance of: muscles, ta-ta's, grease, soccer boys, International delectables- Greek, Israel, Canada, Chicos, Itos, Mohitos, Jackson Brothers canNOT sing, Korea stepping up to China, Adam paints still life of Moon, cliches under the stars, sand in the hair (still...dirty), American Eagles preying, long walks over rainbows, pot of gold destinations, Funyun breakfasts, photo shoots a la L & C, Rocket's Invasion, futon heaven, cloud mine, then yours, then hers, mean green dress stress, garage house music+garage band looks= hat goggles, black rover, black rover won't you send the driver on over, ee-eye ee-eye Ito, kisses and misses, great times with a couple of wizards.

Yep, we're dancing in water. Water stage-->dancing sans heels...someone was thinking.