Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

My best friend and I cracked the code, the meaning of life, the riddle of the sphinx, the Davinci Code...and the answer is this, if you want to be chased, wined, dined and loved by men, treat them exactly the opposite of what you want, treat them like shit.

So, on this Valentine's Day, we were listing some of the sweeter, grander, unforgettable gestures by the past men in our lives. ALL were done in reaction to some of our colder disdained moments.

- I was seeing this guy who always put me second, or third, or twelfth, and during this time I took off for a month without much notice of when I'd be back. "I miss my family and friends, I'll be back." I came home to flowers and a looooong letter.
- She was seeing this guy who wasn't making much of an effort and she ended up meeting someone else. He learned of this and invited her over for some wine and dine.
-There was this guy I poitely said no to for a date. Every time I said no, the events of the date got bigger, from coffee to dinner and a show, a broadway show no less.
-By the last month of the year long relationship with my boyfriend in college, there were no more dates, just 'hanging out,' the sex had dwindled and romance had died. I met someone else and went on a date. I came home to a mixed CD at my doorstep (don't laugh, the mixed CD was the thing to do back then).

This is immature, unhealthy and simply, unkind. Now, once we receive these sweet somethings, can we go to them? No, because it wasn't extended from the right motives. Besides, isn't this what they mean by 'playing games'? Don't we want to be in a situation where our kinder gestures are returned with similar expressions? And what about treating your neighbors how you would want to be treated? Newsflash, men are not your neighbors.

I really hope this is an entry I will look back on and wish I didn't write.