Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tahoe 2005

A bus, a subway, a shuttle, a plane, and a rental car away I finally arrived in Tahoe for a weekend ski trip. By all the efforts, it might appear as though I'm an avid skier. Well, I'm not. I went a lot growing up and made seasonal trips in college so I do enjoy the annual snow trips however, in truth, the appeal of this trip was to hang out with my new l.a. friend. It was a blast.

The highlight of the trip wasn't the incredible sunny 50 degree weather, perfect powder snow, the amazing accomodations, or even the breathtaking views but it was the biscuits in bed, sushi on the plate as I finished the last piece, and only having to carry my ski poles. I had forgotten how nice it was to not be independent.

Back in NY, on my way out to the market, where I have to juggle the groceries and opening the mail room door with only two hands. Four hands sure would make it easier. *sigh*

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