Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The couple entries following this one is from the other week and I hesitated posting it because it sounded like a potential set up for failure. But then I realized that if I concerned myself with this every time I went to write a gleeful entry and didn't, I'd have a blank olive green blog. Not exactly a bestseller.

So, I did even after what was discovered this past weekend. An ending already? Well, to be honest, with my track record it wouldn't be an 'already' situation, at about a couple months, it has surpassed most 'situations.'

Okay, back to 'is it an ending?'...I'm not sure. Here's my problem. I have a philosophy on the discussion of relationships, don't discuss it. I know that there comes a time when it's hard to abstain from the subject but until that far and away time, shun it. If two people are aimed towards something significant, then I believe it will happen it due time. Prematurely talking about it sets up expectations and responsibilites. Conversely, if it's meant to be casual, then let it be. I mean, after all, having a talk like this isn't exactly light and fun.

I know that some may argue me on this and say that communication is important and that it's wiser to know where the other stands from the start. Perhaps. However, there's this. By telling someone that you're not looking for something serious, it spoils getting to know each other naturally, ironically the fun part. For so long, I've heard AND said, "I'm just looking to have a good time, to get to know people, to enjoy myself..." I don't want to say it or hear it anymore. On this subject, just "shhh..."