Thursday, January 05, 2006

happy old year

New Year resolutions are daft claims that usually do not make it past MLK weekend. No one says that they're hitting the gym in May because it was their new years goal, we say that bikini season approaches so it's time to trim. That is why I started mine in 2005 and the goal for 2006 is just to continue it. It's my pact of no more packs, of cigarettes that is. At $7 a pack, I'm saving about a hundred dollars a month. That's $1200 a year. That's enough to:

-to see a Broadway show a month (including Ave Q and Wicked)
-take a short trip to Costa Rica
-grab grub at Prune, WD-50, Clinton Fresh Food, Rosa Mexicana, Bao 111, Woo Lae Oak, Salt, The Grocery, 360, Tabla, Blue Ribbon, Otto, Milos
-or dine at Masa three times
-or eat 60 lobster roll sandwiches at Pearl Oyster Bar
-hit a sample a month and buy every other month
-ski at Vail, Heavenly and Killington every weekend of the season
-go shopping in the Meatpacking: Stella, Chloe, Proenza Schouler, Yigal Razouel..and buy from every other one
-rent a bike from that over-priced bike rental shop in Central Park for the summer
-take pottery for a year, including wheel-throwing
-get your hair cut by Frederic Fekkai..twice
-climb high in Switzerland then get high in Amsterdam
-buy unlimited ride Metro Cards for the year and have leftover to buy a pair of Hogan sneakers...

so that you can walk around and see all that this city has to offer. Who knew that one resolution could lead to so many. Now, a minute to reflect on 2005 and, for once, I can't complain. I...

-traveled outer borough more, went into Brooklyn like a handful of times.
-laid on many islands including: Puerto Rico (is there anything more spectacular than pink clouds), Fire (yikes), Coney (bigger yikes), and Long (Robert Moses knows his horizons)
-partied an adequate amount- enough not to be labeled m.i.a. by girlfriends but not enough to know bouncer names
-checked out a new brunch spot almost every weekend of the summer (courtesy of Monica)
-tried some of that emotional expression stuff
-cried and laughed a lot (my two favorite vents)
-didn't have to fail any students
-had cranberry sauce from scratch for the first time
-rode a ferris wheel for the first time
-paid off my already-spy-wared laptop
-tried some of that sexual exploration stuff
-cried and laughed a lot (during and after)
-saw some art: Sufis, DUMBO Art, Van Gogh
-made some art: a fruit bowl that holds one banana and two apples
-learned a little about the professor/author book publishing industry (lesson learned: education, like all else, is a business...still want to write though)
-unrolled my yoga mat about five times
-ate at McDonalds less than five times
-checked out a couple Fringe NY shows
-rollerbladed to the theater
-kissed a boy at midnight

Kissing a boy at midnight...who knew that the year would have finished with that? Let's leave it at that sweet sentiment, please don't ask me about the sexual exploration stuff, it's all behind me now.