Friday, January 13, 2006

joe schmoe in the city

Fridays at work are group lunches, music sharing, and sharing of weekend plans. From today's Joe's Pizza delivery lunch chat with co-workers I've come to the idea that East coast New Yorkers aren't very New York. East coast New Yorkers regularly dash home on the weekends to Connecticut, Rhode Island, or some other original colony, even Delaware. This is especially true of the summertime. I'm often greeted with blank stares of what I did or will do over the weekend. Bars, restaurants, exhibits, sales don't always ring familiarity. I suppose it's the equivalent of when people came to visit San Francisco and they'd ask me how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge or where to get on a trolley, I have no idea.

I hope I continue to be a west coast New Yorker. I want to live here with the intrigue and enthusiasm of a visitor. Although, I'm starting to get tired of Joe's Pizza and I'm looking out the window right now at Washington Sqaure and the performances appear redundant and there are too many damn pigeons in my view. Maybe I should get out of the city more.