Monday, June 30, 2003

Naked yet, Jaded

In a time when cynicism is the growing trend it is difficult to believe in the good things, especially when it comes to dating, sex and, if we dare, love? We now live in a time when nihilism and skepticism are trite reactions to anything remotely positive. Is it our generation? The generation that lived through WWI drank milkshakes with two straws, gave letterman jackets and went steady. Similarly, WWII survivors threw up peace signs at every breath, braided flowers into their hair and protested in the name of love.

Today, divorce rates are up, promiscuity is well practiced and monogamy translates to monotony. Rather than romantic idylls being written, tales of casual sex and elusiveness fuels the mass. So, what happened to romance? Where did the love go?

Replaced by incredulous sentiments, it has been so far skewed that the reverse feels natural. When all is fine, nothing but smooth sailing and calm seas as far as the eye can see, we start to panic. Rancor has taken such a toll that when things are actually problem-free something feels wrong. Without the hunt, the drama, the ever-so-seductive withholding dance we find ourselves in disbelief. Apprehensive about the placid nature, we stir up conflicts in our own mind. We mislead and misread. It is difficult to comprehend and, do we dare, accept a wave-less sail. We need that perfect storm to assure us that it is headed in the right direction. Without a major conflict there is no major relationship. Have we become so jaded that even when we're laying right next to someone in bed we still don't know if we're interested and if the feeling is mutual?

In lieu of appreciating the good elements we question alternate motives. Perhaps, it's time we smile when a guy gets out of his car to greet you, walks you to your door or calls just to say hello.